Professional Music Production

 A beat package will save you money if you are looking to buy beats and have your project entirely produced by us. This option is great for mixtapes, you can choose from any beat on the website.

To order a beat package:

  1. Listen to the beats on the player below, DO NOT ADD TO CART!
  2. fill out the order form, include the package & names of the beats you wish to order
  3. You will receive a paypal invoice
  4. Once the invoice has been payed you will receive your order via download link within 24 hours
  5. For premium lease packages please allow up to 48 hours for delivery.


  • Lease Package 1: 10 Beats -  $180.00 
  • Lease Package 2: 15 Beats - $240.00
  • Premium Lease Package 1: 10 Beats - $450.00
  • Premium Lease Package 2: 15 Beats - $700.00