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 Brooklynn Jayde


"It was so hard for me to choose just one great beat, all the MoneyRollBeats are top quality. They all are hits!"

I Came To Party PROD.MoneyRollBeats.mp3

Brooklynn Jayde Dossey (born April 12th, 1993), known professionally as Brooklynn Jayde, is an American actress and singer. Brooklynn was Born in Duncan, Oklahoma and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Brooklynn began acting in her high school. She played Meg in "Little Women" and Annie Oakley in "Annie Get Your Gun" . She won "Best Leading Actress" in the Jester Awards for the role of Annie Oakley. Brooklynn now stars as one of the Top 9 contestants in the singing competition/ reality series, Take The Stage. She works alongside music manager Johnny Wright (man behind the careers of Janet Jackson, NSync, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and more) and Rodney Jerkins ( Producer for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and more) Brooklynn continues to perform through youtube and live events.

 Octavian Payne

octavian payne music artist

"Money Roll Beats has great industry style beats that inspire musical creativity and add a great feel to great lyrics. I’ve been working with MRB for only a short time and have already created great sounds such as these and many more to come. It takes talent to do what they do and that’s why MRB and I are such a powerhouse combination".

Thanks John

And all who help keep MRB going keep up the great work!

Born on Chicago's north side and raised in Roger’s Park, (Octavian Maurice Payne) "PAYNE" has been influenced by the musical renditions of "Smokey Robinson" "Earth Wind and Fire" "Ohio Players" and "Hall & Oates" just to name a few. As he grew into the current day music genre, influences such as "Do or Die" "Twista" "UGK" "Nas" "E - 40" and "AMG" were among the upcoming artists that inspired his musical talents. Feeling that music had lost some of its greatest pioneers, Payne felt that with his love and spectacular ear for music he may be able to bring a little flavor to the game that appears to have lost some of its taste. As a 30-year-old veteran of business he uses music to speak on life, politics and his own business establishments. He founded and created the "PAYNE CAMPAIGN" and under that campaign claims to run for president of hip-hop.

No panty's - PROD.MoneyRollBeats.mp3

 Heaven Sent


 "MoneyRollBeats produces HITS - Bottom line.."

Dreamz to Reality - PROD.MoneyRollBeats.mp3

Born on September 25th 1991, with his intestines outside of his body, Harrison was truly ‘Heaven Sent’ – before he even knew it.  From dealing with a medical condition that was undeniably life threatening, to experimental surgical procedures, and rapping at the age of four before he could even speak full sentences – the young man known today as Heaven Sent is a force to be reckoned with. Heaven spent many sleepless nights sitting outside of the recording studio, watching local musicians create and record music, rapping to the beats he heard. After many years of longing to be in the middle of all of the creative minds, he got his chance. Without being able to utter a complete sentence, he was able to turn sounds into rhythm, incorporating the few words he did know. Heaven sent gave his first performance on stage with The Boot Camp Click at the age of 4. Heaven Sent has been invited to appear in music
videos from multiple artists and was featured in Jay-Z’s motion picture “Back Stage,” which was a documentary on the Hard Knock Life Tour in 1999. Featured in The Source magazine’s “Independence Day” at the age of 7, Hip Hop Connection (album review), and XXL magazine, he has lived beyond his years in the music industry.  Through the years Heaven Sent has still been hard at work writing, creating, portraying his existence in music, mentoring, and being featured on other artist’s tracks. It's all about the talent, passion, the love of music, and staying true to who Heaven sent really is.



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