Professional Music Production

 Beat Licensing Options

Non Exclusive Rights

  • 1 profitable use
  • sales cap 2000 units/downloads
  • tag free
  • No sole ownership (beat can still be sold)
  • High quality Mp3 audio format
This option is the most popular, a non exclusive license is the best choice for recording artists working on a tight budget. Our non exclusive rights contracts are perfect for those working on a mixtape or a demo.

Premium Rights

  • 1 profitable use
  • 1 profitable performance
  • sales cap 15000 units/downloads
  • tag free
  • High quality WAV audio format
  • No sole ownership
This option is for artists working on larger budgets and plan on releasing their music on a larger scale. This license option provides you with a higher quality audio format for better recordings as well as permission for a profitable live performance.

Exclusive Rights

  • Unlimited profitable use
  • Unlimited performances
  • No sales cap
  • Tag free
  • radio/TV airplay permitted
  • Includes master audio files
  • Sole ownership (beat can no longer be sold)
The exclusive rights option is best for those working on major projects such as a full album. Generally these recording artists are backed by management or a label and have high budgets. With exclusive rights you will receive the master audio files which will allow you to get a perfect mix in the studio.